Our research group has long-termly focused on the research of the growth and performance optimization of Zinc Germanium Phosphide(ZnGeP2, ZGP) crystal. Through extensive study and technical innovation, vertical growth techniques of high quality ZnGeP2 crystal have been mastered successfully. Now we can offer ZnGep2 crystals and devices with standard sizes and orientations in mass scale and we can also supply according to the requests of the customers, which can meets your various requirements.


Advanced polycrystalline synthesis technology.

Advanced crystal growth technology: Horizontal method.

Advanced crystal growth technology: Vertical method.

Ultra-finesurface treatment technology.

Precise orientation and cutting technologies.

High Performance device production.

Due to possessing large nonlinear coefficients(d36=75pm/V), wide infrared transparency range(0.75-12um), high thermal conductivity(0.35W/(cm ·K)), high laser damage threshold(2-5L/cm²) and well machining property, ZnGeP2 crystal was called the king of infrared nonlinear optical crystals and is still the best frequency conversion material for high power, tunable infrared laser generation.

Cryslaser can offer high optical quality ZGP crystals with extremely low absorption coefficient α<0.04/cm(at pump wavelengths 2.0-2.1um), which can caused to generate mid-infrared tunable laser with high efficiency through OPO or OPA process.

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