Production capacity

  • 01

    Cryslaser has 38 sets advanced growth equipments for crystal growth, and is long-term committed to improvement and research of the growth technology. We also have the rystal growth technology with induction heating and resistance heating, can meet different customer's requirements. We can long-term stably supply Nd:YAG, Nd:Ce:YAG, Yb:YAG, Cr:YAG, etc and the diameter of the boule can reach dia100×200mm.

  • 02

    Crystal processing part. Cryslaser has various type of advanced processing equipments, and is long-term commited to manufacturing and researching of the product processing technology for high precision, high difficult products. We have mature processing technology for crystal bonding, slab crystal and can long-term provide different processing service such as crystal cutting, rounding, grinding, polishing as well as maintenance.

  • 03

    Cryslaser has a special department for coating, provides different kinds of coating such as AR/AR@1064nm&808nm, PR @1064nm, HR @1064nm, HR@1064nm&HT@808nm, HR @1064nm&AR@808nm etc. The anti damage threshold of coating reaches a higher level in China.

  • 04

    Quality management part. Cryslaser has some advanced instruments like ZYGO interferometer, LAMBDA 950 spectrophotometer. We insist on quality control, quality assurance, quality maintenance. Good product quality makes Cryslaser is trusted by customers around the world.

  • 05

    Research and development part. Under the leadership of chief technical engineer professor Liang Zerong, R&D department devotes to improve and research new technology and acquire 2 patents for invention, 8 new patents which provides a powerful guarantee for the development of the company.